House of Fairytales

This was our first ever event and an incredible learning curve. We met the Purbecks ice cream people who are locals to the festival and decided we wanted to work with them, what a great team and delicious ice cream!
We were invited to the Festival by the House of Fairytales, thanks Gavin and Debs for your brilliance as usual, we had a great time being part of the creative fantasy world that is H.O.F.T .

The parlour had its own challenge for the kids as part of the passport system, they had to fire an arrow at a water balloon filled with whippy cream and strawberry sauce, champions were awarded a free ice cream and a lot of whooping and cheering! We discovered that Marco Polo had discovered ice cream during his visit to China, whilst staying with the Kubla Khan (Ghengis` grandson) and brought  the recipe back to his homeland, Italy in medieval times. It wasn’t until the late 19th century  that Italian street vendors, The Hokey Pokey men, as they became known sold this delicious cold treat on the streets of England and New York. The ice cream parlour went down a storm and we all had a great time, what more could you ask for.